Doral Food & Wine Festival

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This past weekend I was able to attend the inaugural Doral Food and Wine Festival.

The event featured a chef showdown, culinary and mixology demonstrations, cooking competitions, live music, private VIP section, interactive retail displays and more! Tickets ranged from $50.00 to $200.00 and proceeds benefited the Autism Speaks Organization. Eating, drinking and raising money for a non-profit? Sign me up every year!

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The Doral Food and Wine Festival was held at Downtown Doral Park, an easy to find location with plenty of space and parking. Free parking was available around the park if you could find it. To park in the reserved event area (which had plenty of spots) was only $10.00.

Upon entering the festival, I was given a small stemless wine glass, perfect for all of the tasting I was planning on doing! Two large aisles were made from the vendor tents, with mainly food on one side and drinks on the other.

Opposite the entrance, a stage was set up where local chefs were doing live cooking demonstrations. At night, other entertainment (dancing!) was available. While watching whoever was on stage, festival attendees had their choice of sitting on chairs that were provided or lounging in one of the hammock stations! Seriously, how fun do these look!? I could lay in one of these bad boys all day, especially when there’s food and wine just steps away.

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Even though the Doral Food and Wine Festival is billed as a wine festival, there were plenty of other drink options! Everything from a mojito bar to non-alcoholic juices were available for sampling. Vendors poured gracious samples and were happy to give guests multiple tastes and options!

doral food and wine festival image doral food and wine festival image

Perhaps my favorite things about the festival was how welcoming, friendly and educational the actual food and drink vendors were. Every tent I went to, the host seemed excited that I was there. They were happy to talk about their restaurant or the brand they were representing and to give explanations of foods and cooking techniques.

Being able to talk to the vendors and to learn so much about the food and wine made the festival so much more fun than just walking up to tables and taking a bite or sip of something and walking away! Below are a few photos from the event!

doral food and wine festival image doral food and wine festival image doral food and wine festival image doral food and wine festival image

Full of flavor and fun, the Doral Food and Wine Festival saw a lot of successes for their first year!

I absolutely love going to foodie themed events and festivals, especially when they benefit a good cause or have a unique theme. What are your favorite food and/or drink festivals?

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